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Shiny “New” Website

I have been so busy looking after our clients and trying to grow the business that the website has always taken a backward step.

If any of you visited the website you will know there was a front page saying “coming soon” that lasted for over a year.

Well, I am proud to say that ThreeSixtyIT now have a website I am pleased with – ok so it’s not all singing, all dancing with crazy animations and wild graphics.

But it’s all my own work, using WordPress and Elementor (and a pretty theme from a choice of over 10,000).

It is pretty simple to pick up and use, it is a point and click solution, designed to make website design as simple as possible.

Most of the images came from “shutterstock” and the graphics were either my own work, or free images from the internet

All in, it has taken about 10 hours of dedicated time if I sit back and work it out, yes it’s not perfect, but if I waited until it was perfect it would take me another 18 months of longer.

What do you think of it? Feedback would be appreciated.

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