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Just Say the Word, With our bespoke service we can certainly help

Delivering the IT foundations for great work

One stop iT support

We can tailor our support from just one module to a mixture of all of them. All designed to help your business be as efficient as possible and designed to take as much hassle off your desk (and your team’s) – freeing you guys up to look after your Patients.

Hardware Support

Our support package includes looking after all your PCs and Server(s) in the practice. By default it also includes all Printers / Scanners and network connected equipment. (wherever you buy these items from, we will install and look after them as part of our contract).

We install our remote package that monitors and manages your hardware and feeds back to us in real time if there are any issues that we need to resolve - often before you even realise they are occuring.

When we say our service is bespoke, we mean it. For instance if a Dentists needs remote access from home, we will help him - no extra charges on your bill.

Cloud Backup Service

We have teamed with an industry leader in backup, a company called Cloud4You. Their backup service is renowned for its efficiency, speed and security / safety features. It is also totally UNLIMITED.

We have a multi pronged approach to backup. We will store your data securely (encrypted) in the cloud in one of Cloud4You's UK datacentres as well as onsite on a secure NAS box (a network attached hard drive).

No more taking data out of the practice in the PM's handbag or a USB drive being lost somewhere in someone's house. We will setup and manage your backup totally. Even reporting on how it's going daily via email for your CQC folder.

Anti Virus Protection

Our partnership with ESET was borne out of many years of trying different protection software.

We find that ESET sits on the same systems as the major Practice Management Systems without causing any speed issues.

It also has won a raft of awards AND more importantly is brilliant at dealing with "day one attacks" and also the dreaded Ransomware attacks that are becoming all too frequent.


From upgrading your practice management system (out of hours is included in your support contract) to advising and managing you on any hardware changes - however big or small for your practice.

We have experience of project managing complete fit-outs and computerisation of paper practices to just upgrading the memory or graphics to get better performance of existing PCs - we can do it all.

As part of our hardware contract our automated systems will continually monitor your systems for any issues and this can drive your upgrade strategy to get the most from your PCs at your practice.

Microsoft Office 365

We are accredited to sell the full product range from Microsoft.

Did you know using Microsoft Teams you can give every member of staff access to a work group chat - so useful to discuss anything work related or publish rotas or compliance notes to everyone.

Sharing is made seamless across up to 5 devices (including iPads, iPhones and even Android devices) with your documents, emails, contacts and notes all shared and available.

There is a Microsoft solution to suit your business needs and as a valued reseller, we can help you find it, implement it and then benefit from it.

What else can we do?

Well, if we can help, we will, so ask us!

Nothing too big or too small

We are IT specialists, we know where our strengths are. We don't do websites or social media marketing - but we do know people who do - and who do it really well.

We don't sell or install X-Ray scanners, but again we know some great guys who are experts in all things radioactive.

In our 20(ish) years we have made some great contacts (and some even better friends) so can definitely help with the right introductions.

And anyway, what does a phone call cost - we will even buy you a coffee (although I prefer a tea) when we do meet up.

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together