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David vs Goliath

If you remember the story back in school, David vs Goliath was where the little guy beat the giant behemoth with skill and guile.

360IT don’t ever want to be the biggest IT company, we don’t want to crow about having over 2000 clients and look after them with overseas call centres.

What we do want is a great relationship with our clients, no lies, no BS, just straight forward honest help and advice, looking after you, your team and your systems for a fair price.

We won’t ever try to make an extortionate profit from selling you some hardware at a massive mark up. Instead we will gladly show you where to buy it on ebuyer or amazon.

We won’t charge you a “setup fee” if you buy a printer from somewhere else. Not only will we advise you on the best printer for you. (It’s Brother printers by the way for laser, Epson for inkjet – keep away from HP and Canon). We will help you set it up on one – or ALL your computers in the ptactice free of charge.

We like to think that our bespoke offering is unique in the Dental IT field, we will always go that extra mile, we will tailor our service for exactly your needs, and each and every person that works for 360IT will be taken on to have the same philosophy.

We won’t ever be a numbers generated business, we will be driven by our relationships, growing together and working hard for you all the time.

When we bring you on as a client, our service will be tailored to suit your exact requirements, need support until 10pm on a Thursday and Friday? no issues with that. Want your Principal Dentist to be able to call at 11pm on a Sunday if he has a problem – well we’ve done that before too.

Staying small and agile means that like David, we can react when we need to, and our skill and guile comes in being able to offer you exactly the service you deserve, but at a price that is more than affordable.

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