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Out of Hours Surcharges! Who still charges them?

Here at ThreeSixty IT we have decided that ‘out of hours’ billing is a thing of the past. We all know that to a Dental practice time is money, and the driver for this is chair time (or chair utilisation).

We know that if we perform our work in “normal” hours, not only is valuable money generating time being wasted, but potentially patients in pain aren’t being seen.

All of our upgrades / installs / fixes where possible will now be done OUT OF HOURS to suit the practice and their patients.

Of course, if there is an emergency and a practice needs a visit for support “in hours” then we will still perform this vital service. We are just talking about scheduled upgrades (eg computer refresh).

We will NOT charge any premium for this upgrade work because it is ‘out of office hours’ or on the weekend. If you need us to perform these upgrades / installs then the price quoted will be the price you pay whether the upgrade happens during the standard working day hours or overnight or the weekend.

This gives you the flexibility to keep your books open and generate the maximum revenue for your business.

As an example, the photo in this blog entry is a practice upgrade that we started at 6pm on Friday evening, we started work just as everyone else was leaving the practice. This meant they had full chair utilisation for the whole day and we could work uniterrupted completing the work on time and 100% correctly.

Get in touch today to ask us about our ‘out of hours’ support.

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