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Keeping it Simple

None of us are experts in everything (although some people do pretend). I’m a firm believer in us all having our strengths, and each of us playing to those strengths.

I have always told any client I have ever dealt with two things when chatting to them:

  1. There is nothing you can do that I can’t undo – ok, so this one isn’t strictly true, but saying it does give people the confidence to get better on computers and to try new things.
  2. If I say something you don’t understand please pull me up – I always try and talk to people in words they could understand, not because I am trying to “talk down to them” but because we all have our strengths, I could never do the job a dental nurse does, or have the depth of knowledge a Practice Manager needs for her role. I certainly could never be as calm and clever as most dentists i’ve met. What I do have, is a lot of technical knowledge and I am always more than happy to share.

So, with that in mind, I guess what I am trying to say is that I will always try and use everyday words or a good analogy when describing the problem (and also the solution).

You engage with us because you need our IT experience, it’s not that you can’t learn it – but your field of expertise is somewhere else. I hope when a client engages with us, they like our friendly professional manner as well as our efficiency in resolving their problems.

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