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Cold Callers – sometimes a blessing

As an IT Manager of many years, my name does get onto some dubious cold calling lists, usually I give them short shrift and sack them off quite quickly. Never rude, but always firm and polite with a “No Thanks”.

Except this one time, something grabbed me when a cold caller rang to try and sell me ink cartridges. Now as a rule I certainly wouldn’t entertain prolonging this conversation any longer than the usual no thanks. But as I said there was something there in the voice, something that made me know that everything she was saying was true.

So, against my usual better judgement and steadfast rule I set up an account and ordered some to try. They were original cartridges (so not cheaper recycled compatibles) but the price was a lot lower than anywhere else I could get them.

A journey began with Katrina where I introduced her to all of my clients, and they all bought from her too. We are talking hundreds and hundreds of orders, and I can count the problems we had with all those purchases on one hand.

And with any company, you can always tell how good they are with how they deal with the problems. Well this is where Katrina excelled, she dealt with any problem swiftly and efficiently, whatever the cost to her or her company she dealt with it and my clients were always very happy.

As she moved around companies (she was well sought after and headhunted) the exceptional levels of service stayed high.

I lost track of Katrina as she went on Maternity leave, we exchanged the odd email just to say hi. She now has a beautiful baby boy and also is back at work with a new and very efficient company.

I would whole heartedly recommend Katrina to you for any cartridge requirements, whether original, or recycled or even just a set for the little inket printer the Principal uses once in a blue moon.

Her contact details are:

email: katrina.dottyinkltd@gmail.com

website: www.dottyinkltd.com

telephone: 01225 931500

Please think about giving her a try, she certainly won’t let you down.

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