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Lease Finance now available

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As a company I am very proud of ThreeSixtyIT’s commitment to client care being the number 1 thing we constantly talk about delivering. We work hard to ensure our client’s satisfaction, from our innovative “circle of blame” to making sure that our communication is always on time and informative.

One thing we have never been able to offer that has stood in our way when talking to new clients is our ability to offer any kind of finance when they need new hardware. Plenty of times we have come across “we are interested but I need to be able to pay for the computers monthly, so although it’s not ideal, I’m going to go with xxxx instead”

We have worked hard identifying multiple suppliers of finance solutions and have just signed terms with a company that have some amazing finance packages available.

Where our offering will be different, and actually stronger in our opinion is that we don’t hold you to one brand of PC or push you down the path of what we want to sell you rather than what is actually what’s best for you. Our pricing is totally transparent with no “free  processor upgrades” if you take the finance.

We are able to offer the finance separately of the hardware, so we can select the absolute best products for your practice, rather than a constrictive range of hardware that is available on the finance offer.

With this deal, we are able to structure the finance deal around whatever equipment you need, at whatever financial level you feel you can afford and also over different repayment periods, all with NO DEPOSIT. We can even factor in the installation and configuration costs – so you don’t even have a large bill at the front end due to installation. (Well actually only the installation costs, unlike others we don’t charge to “configure” a PC that we are just turning on and setting up. Worth noting, we also don’t charge delivery as out technician will be delivering the PCs when he attends).

Our finance deal is structured as a fixed term lease agreement, which is beneficial to your tax bill every year.

At the end of the finance agreement, you can simply choose to upgrade to new computers and ThreeSixtyIT will install the new hardware for you as part of a hardware refresh. Alternatively, you can actually decide to purchase the computers if you prefer for a fee (decided on by the finance company).

Unlike others in the industry, we aren’t directly involved in the financing model, so don’t structure it to suit our ends, we don’t tie you into a contract off the back of the lease agreement – so if you are not happy with the support ThreeSixtyIT give you, then you can cancel our support agreement and simply continue to pay the finance agreement separately to the third party company.

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